2023 Est. Peanut Acreage (+7%)                    1,537,000 acres

2023 Est. Peanut Production (4,230 #/ac)       3,150,000 tons

2023 Market Loan 2022-2023                           2,294,257 tons

2022-23 In Loan (6-1-23)                                  942,072 tons

2022 -23 Domestic Usage (10 Mo.)                 DOWN – 0.2 %

2023 Exports (Jan-Mar) (3 Mo)                         DOWN – 6.14%

Posted Price (6-6-23) Runners -$424.68 ton, Spanish - $413.41 ton. Valencia and Virginias - $428.31                  


            FADA reported that the peanut complex presented a growth in its exports in the first half of 2023, compared to the same period of 2022, both in dollars (18%) and in tons (11%).

            Argentina was in the 1st place of world exporter of raw peanut and blanched peanut in 2022, with 21%.

            The export/production relation in 2022, was of 59%, considering all the products exported from the complex, a lower international insertion regarding 2021 with 88%.

            A substantial fall, being a complex that has presented one of the largest international insertions during previous years.

            Regarding next peanut crop 2023/24 and the so needed rains to start with it, it is forecasted an event El Niño during the spring that will continue in the summer and early fall of 2024.


            The National Monetary Council (CMN) temporarily withdrew the obligation to fit in the

Agricultural Activities Guarantee Program (PROAGRO) or in other modalities of rural insurance for contracting rural credit for agricultural costs of up to R $ 335 thousand.

            The National Monetary Council (CMN) defined the reference prices for agricultural products for the 2023/24 agricultural season.

            The values approved are used as floor prices in marketing credit policies. For PEANUTS, the reference price was R$ 47.04 per 25 kg bag.

            The adjustment applies to the Rural Credit Manual (MCR) under the 2023/24 Crop Plan,

which began on July 3.


            Even with the strong expected production, sustained peanut demand is expected to keep peanut stocks from increasing above the 1.1-million-short ton mark at the end of the 2023/2024 marketing year.

            On the demand side, peanut use for food remains strong, boosted by a 5% increase in peanuts used for peanut butter. Peanut butter makes up around 60% of the peanuts used for food.

            In Georgia, the intense summer heat and little rainfall spell issues for farmers of peanuts.

Peanut crop is behind on the irrigated acres that were planted during April through the first two weeks of May.

Feels like harvest will start the third week of September. Alabama is projected to harvest 167 thousand peanut acres, which would be second only to Georgia.